Friday, November 11, 2016

Diet To Lose Weight

Diet To Lose Weight

It is not easy for a foodaholic to maintain a diet chart. And it becomes harder when the diet aims at losing weight. But no, you don’t have to follow a starving diet to lose your weight. We have some better ideas. Let’s check the list below–

1. Eat when hungry, ‘only’ when you are hungry– Reduce unnecessary food intakes, especially junk foods and snacks. Maintain a particular gap between your meals and eat when you are hungry. When you are not, just don’t eat. But obviously, don’t skip your important meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

2. Less sugar, more fruits and vegetables– Cut on your sugar intakes. Sugar doesn’t contain any nutrients, and excess intake is bad for your health. Lowering sugar will eventually help in lowering insulin, and it will help you to lose weight.

Instead, eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Broccoli, spinach, cucumber, cabbage, etc. have high proteins, and it will shape your diet correctly. 

3. Lift weights at least three times a week– You don’t need regular exercise, but you need to life weight at least three times a week. The best option is to go to the gym for four times a week. Do some warm-ups, lift weights and stretch. In this way, you will burn calories, and your metabolism function will work properly.

4. Less stress, more sleep– Stress is bad for your health, not only physical health but it affects your mental health too. Try to keep your life stress free and have 8 hours of sound sleep. According to study, poor sleep is one of the strongest reasons for gaining weight.
5. Don’t drink water in between a meal– Drink water half and an hour before taking any meal. According to a study, people who didn’t drink water in between meals lost 44% of weight in 3 months.
So the formula is simple. Put your life on a simple routine, and your body will be in your control.